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Today we just launched v1 of the Funnel API. The Funnel API is a RESTful web service for retrieving the responses for a particular form or survey. You can use it to display Funnel responses in your project or create your own visualization of the data.

Full documentation of the API is in our knowledge base: API – Get Responses for Funnel Form. We are looking for your feedback on our current implementation and for future API requests. Send them our way.

Before sending out a form or survey to a large group of people, many teams will send around their Funnel form for review. We wanted to make it easier for you to share the text of your form via email.

We added the ability to export your Funnel form as a text file, so you can copy it into an email or open it into Microsoft Word. Just go to your form’s Share tab.

We made a small, but much needed change. When you are editing your form, you can now choose between previewing the entire form or the particular question you have selected.

Clicking on Preview Form will start you at the beginning, just like before. Clicking on Preview Question will only show you that particular screen.

We just added View Count to make it easier to measure the performance of your mobile survey. Now you can see three metrics to help you gauge how you are doing.

One caveat, the number of views only started incrementing over the weekend. So this feature will benefit all of your future forms and surveys.

We’re making it easier for you to see the results from your mobile forms and surveys. Now when ever someone fills one out, you’ll see it in your inbox.

We enabled this feature for all forms on all accounts. If you want to disable it for a particular form, just go to “Edit” –> “Properties” and uncheck “Send email notification for each response”.

Today we just rolled out the ability to distribute your Funnel forms via SMS. We’ve given every account 10 free credits to try it out.

Sharing your form via SMS with Funnel is simple, all you have to do is:

  1. Create a form or survey
  2. Go to the Share tab
  3. Click Compose SMS Message

We will prompt you for the message and validate the numbers you are trying to send to. At this moment we only support numbers in the United States. Pricing for SMS is simple. It is $5 for 100 messaging credits.

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