So you’ve already spent over $5,000 to exhibit at this year’s SXSW conference, now what? With over 35,000 attendees this year, it’s your chance to put your product, service, and brand in front of some of the most saavy and influential people in the industry. We’ve got 5 tips for you to remember to ensure your booth is a success.

1. People, People, People
You need to have people at your booth at all times. The number of people should match the size of your booth. You don’t want an over-crowded or empty booth for people to walk by. Organize with your team who is going to be setting up the booth, manning it, and tearing it down. Do this in advance, here’s a Google Spreadsheet template that you can use to get you started.

2. Be Very Visible
Everyone who attends your conference is a brand ambassador. Make sure that they are clearly identifiable at your booth and as they roam the conference floor. The folks at Twilio do this great by always wearing their incredibly spottable red jackets when they present, roam, and exhibit.

3. Know All Versions of Your Pitch
Yes all versions. You will need to create a 10-second pitch, a 1-minute pitch, and a 2-minute pitch. Each pitch should build upon the last. Your 10-second pitch is your hook. Then your 1-minute pitch and 2-minute pitch should elaborate what you can do.

4. Show vs. Tell
Flyers and freebies are things to be thrown away; be memorable by having a solid demo of your product and service. The more interactive it is, the better. Also make sure that whatever you are showing can catch a person’s attention from over 10 feet away.

5. Make attendees into Brand Ambassadors and Customers
Depending on what your business is, you either need believers or leads. If you are looking for believers, make it easy for them to promote your service in the form of buttons, stickers, etc. If you are looking for leads you want to capture attendee information. Try to get more than just a business card. Read these tips on how Funnel can help you get richer leads.

If you’ve read this far, then you are already one step closer to making sure your company makes an impact this weekend. Always remember, stay true to your brand and connect with the people that matter most – your customer.

If you have other tips for exhibitors at SXSW, share them in the comments below.

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